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CCTV Systems play a vital part in Electronic Security sector. CCTV is a very good deterrent and can provide the vital proof in any situation. We install, maintain and commission all types of CCTV camera systems

Intercom System

(Intercommunication device), talkback or doorphone. Introducing the easiest and most affordable way to bring entertainment, convenience and security into your home, business, office or building.

Access Control

Electronics access controls are a great replacement for key based systems and can save money in many situations, while adding security and control. We install and maintain a wide range of Access control.

Electric Locks

A way to replace keys or to add additional automation features. Recommended for high security interior door and cabinet applications where electromagnetic locks are not required.

CCTV Repair

We can Repair your security camera systems in New York. We provide service Install and Repair: In the area metropolitan in the city of New York. We also can Maintenance your security camera system.

Smart Home Automation Lights

These lighting system allow you to control and adjust the brightness of your lights. Smart lights are ideal to be used such as in the evening or during parties.